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Beer equipmen

Beer equipmen
  • Beer equipmen
  • Beer equipmen
  • Beer equipmen
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Country of manufacture:Russia
Beer equipment

Among the equipment which is part of lines of production of beer and soft drinks, key role is played:

  • the effective system of preparation of water providing its multistage cleaning;
  • tanks;
  • pasteurizers;
  • coolers and carbonators;
  • pumps and other nodes.

It is a little simple to buy and install this or that device or installation, they need to be picked up competently according to requirements of each specific enterprise. We can develop the project both site on pouring of drink, and workshop or plant in general. Let's competently pick up the equipment, we will mount, we will bring to required productivity and we will train your personnel. We have long-term experience of design and installation of food productions and are ready to share it with you.

IMPORTANT: Our managers will readily inform you on features and conditions of acquisition of the line of pouring of beer or water in telephone conversation or in correspondence by e-mail.

The line of pouring of drinks, water and beer from LLC STP Company

Among leaders of the relevant sector of the market now LLC STP Company surely keeps.

The complex line of pouring of beer delivered by the STP company provides observance of the basic functional and technology rules and the principles of production:

  • purity of the surface contacting to product;
  • the minimum time of contact of ready-made product with air when filling container;
  • ensuring preservation of level of carbon dioxide in liquid;
  • the fastest packing of bottles;
  • foaming minimization, etc.
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.02.2018

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